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RSA + Covid Safety Marshals

We provide certified RSA and COVID Safety Hygiene Marshal who oversee social distancing, cleanliness, and hygiene in a venue and the responsible service of alcohol as required by law. These marshals are invaluable when employed effective and can provide the following:

  • Actively communicating with staff and management to implement  procedures for dealing with unduly intoxicated or disorderly patrons

  • supporting all venue staff in upholding RSA practices

  • Observe patrons to identify irresponsible drinking behaviours

  • Encouraging and assisting patrons to monitor or control their consumption of alcohol at the early signs of intoxication

  • monitoring patrons for signs of undue intoxication, including those who may be receiving alcohol from their friends

  • ensuring patrons have access to free water and are encouraged to consume water between

  • providing a visual presence to patrons and support for bar staff and management of the licensed premises.

  • Provide cough and sneeze etiquette advice when needed

  • Encourage social distancing rules as per state requirement

  • Illness reporting if required as per state requirement

  • Implement exposure protocols if required

  • Implement correct use of PPE

  • Aiding with cleaning and disinfecting

  • Specific COVID safety marshal responsibilities

These Marshals can perform one or more of the duties above and can provide compliance for venue/bar staff, advice to patron as required, and work under the direction of licensed Crowd Controllers when needed. 

Security Guard
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Crowd Controllers, Event Security and Static Guards

We provide qualified and licensed Crowd Controllers and or Security Guards to protect your assets and events. We ensure the safety of staff, VIP's, patrons and property. Our guards can help your business by:

  • Controlling entry and exit points while screening for conditions of entry

  • Reduce risk to people by maintaining the order in a facility

  • Provide Protection to VIP's 

  • Deal with unruly or intoxicate people in accordance with the law

  • Conduct patrols and relay relevant information back to staff, management or onto people if required

  • Check physical security of venues periodically

  • Watch, report and or remedy safety hazards

  • Ensure deliver and reception of valuable items

  • Investigate and provide evidence for clients or authorities

  • provide advice on security issues to clients

Forming the back bone of the security industry, crowd controllers, event security and static guards are invaluable and the staple service provided by TBS  Security Training Institute. 

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Security Training & Qualification

TBS Security Training Institute provides quality training to those seeking to to get into the security industry. We provide:

  • Nationally recognized accredited certification and attainments through a registered RTO

  • Online and face to face training, providing flexibility for the student to study at their leisure while minimizing the time required to complete the physical assessments

  • Specifically designed industry packages addressing needs of those who provide security, community or disability services

  • Skilled trainers who provide frontline experience in a structure, interactive and interesting format

  • TBS Trainers work within the guide lines provided by the RTO on behalf of the AQTF when training the accredited certifications to ensure quality, consistency and accountability

Our trainers are qualified under the national framework, experienced in a variety of security related industries, and in providing training to all types of people regardless of background and current industry skills.